Who we are

Urban Scape Design Associates is a premier urban design firm specializing in communicative spatial planning and architecture.

What we do

We bridge the gap between technical experts and non-technical stakeholders in the community by creating visually realistic plans that are easy for everyone to understand and interpret. This process is what we call communicative planning.

How we do it

Rooted in thorough research and data-driven design, we collaborate closely with stakeholders to strengthen communities. Our creative, dynamic, and viable approaches to contemporary planning, design, and development are driven by a multi-disciplinary team of urban planners, architects, surveyors, and engineers. Our goal is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations through exceptional results.


To create inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable spaces and human settlements.


To transform urban environments through innovative, inclusive, and sustainable design solutions, fostering vibrant communities where all stakeholders thrive.

Core Values


Kamoga Douglas

CEO / Principal

As an urban designer in Kampala, I find joy in pressing to the limits in all I do believing and knowing that there is more. The sky is never the limit! Engraved in a foundation of research, team play, and leadership mentoring, I have learned to equip myself and those I work with the necessary skills and zeal to realize any laid out task.

Mawerere Oscar

COO / Principal

Rooted in Humility, Grit, and purpose, I do believe that a tenacious data-driven approach to tasks at hand is the new normal. Name your task.

Mawerere Oscar

COO / Principal

Rooted in Humility, Grit, and purpose, I do believe that a tenacious data-driven approach to tasks at hand is the new normal. Name your task.

Douglas M Kamoga

Senior Urban Designer / Principal

My journey spans years of immersive experience, fueling my commitment to pushing the boundaries of urban development. I thrive on creating transformative 3D designs and strategic transport planning initiatives that breathe life into urban landscapes.

Mawerere Oscar

Chief Operations Officer / Principal

Rooted in Humility, Grit, and Purpose, I thrive on challenges. Constantly setting goals I’m not comfortable with settling on less. I find pleasure in inspiring and motivating the team. As an excellent communicator, I take pride in making sure people have accurate information. I believe that a tenacious data-driven approach to tasks at hand is the new normal. Just name your job.

Nambi Sidona

Architect / Principal

I am a young architect who aspires to use my career to contribute to the community because I believe in our duty to be a medium of change in society. I seek to apply sustainable architecture in all my work because of its variety in protecting the environment. 

Kule Yosia Joseph

Physical Planner / Principal

Akankunda Bridget

Physical Planner

Bridget Esther


I believe in teamwork as I do in money. Great success comes with hard work, innovation, and growth. 
I treasure the value of persons with respect for work and relationships to achieve our goals here at Urban Scape Design Associates Ltd.

    Timothy Kusiima

     Projects Coordinator - Architecture

    I am a motivated graduate architect passionate about designing functional buildings with a good aesthetic. A dedicated professional who 

      Okia Francis

      Projects Coordinator - Urban Planning

      A dedicated professional who values team spirit and humility, committed to delivering advanced Geo-Spatial solutions. Thrives on equipping oneself and the team with the necessary expertise and enthusiasm to achieve superior outcomes for any task.

        Elabu Samuel Peter

         Projects Coordinator - Urban Design

        An upbeat and bold designer driven by a passion for community-impacting projects. Finds immense joy and satisfaction in uplifting and realizing people’s dreams through design.

          Our Guarantee

          At Urban Scape Design Associates, our team of young, motivated, and ambitious professionals is dedicated to delivering excellence in every project.

          Our robust project management capacity allows us to assemble multidisciplinary teams capable of handling large-scale urban planning, design, and architectural projects with precision and efficiency.

          When it comes to spatial data, design, and presentation, Urban Scape Design Associates is your trusted partner.

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