Plnr. Lubadde Rahim

An ambitious and creative Physical Planner with a strong belief in the ability of Urban and Regional Planning, design and Environmental Management to strengthen communities and positively affect the natural environment and urban landscapes/development. He has engaged in various urban planning designs in Makindye Ssabagabo Municipal Council as a part-time consultant and doubled as a writer of articles published in national gazettes. He is well-compounded with a passion for literature and how it impacts society and causes a change in ideological planning. Email:

Are boda-bodas an urban problem?

Each day, thousands of passengers in Kampala depend on “Boda bodas” for fast, reliable, and flexible connectivity during their travel. To meet this need, city authorities across the globe are increasingly opting to work with neutral providers and urban planners to plan for equitable transport facilities and to readdress the general form of cities for […]

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